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Saevus Wildlife India LLP
283, Powai Plaza, 2nd Floor,
Hiranandani Gardens, Powai,
Mumbai - 400076
Ph: 7506041848 /9769945558/ 02249742301

  • About the Eco-Achievers

    The Eco-Achievers aims to inculcate the habit of assimilating, learning and creating an appreciation for nature among the young generation. The Olympiad will cover topics like Plant life, Animal life, Environmental issues like Global warming and Climate change and have a section on our forests, sanctuaries and the parks of the country. The Olympiad does so in a in a manner that encourages the children to think, assimilate and logically reason as they attempt the questions as opposed to mugging up facts and meritorious students will be honoured with scholarships to encourage them further, along with certificates and media coverage.

    School Prerequisites

    Enrolling schools must be of either English or Hindi medium schools. The schools under CBSE, ICSE, IB and all state boards are welcome to enroll for the Olympiad. A minimum of 20 students must take part.

    Student Prerequisites

    Each participant must be from class 3 – class 10 only, and of a school registered for the Eco-Achievers.

    Participation Process

    Students willing to participate must register online through their schools after paying a sum of Rs. 120/- as participation fee.

    Syllabus/Recommended reading

    Students may refer to NCERT and other boards certified textbooks while preparing for the Olympiad. The Olympiad itself also offers a reference book for students enrolling for the Olympiad. We also encourage them to keep abreast with current affairs and general knowledge related to plant life, animal life, environmental issues like global warming and climate change, as well as our forests, sanctuaries and the parks of the country and important people part of the global conservation movement.

    Reference Material

    Students wishing to purchase the reference material may do so through school by availing of our special 'Combo offer' of INR 200 for participation fee plus booklet. The same may also be bought from Eco Achievers website, Amazon or Flipkart.


    • National Rank 1: INR 25,000 plus Trophy
    • National Rank 2: INR 15,000 plus Trophy
    • National Rank 3: INR 10,000 plus Trophy
    • National Ranks 4 to 10: INR 1,000 each plus Plaque/Medal
    • National Ranks 11-100: TOP 100 Medals and certificates
    • School Toppers will be given Gold, Silver and Bronze medals (For schools with more than 50 students)
    • Every student will be given a participation certificate
    • Winning school Principals will be eligible for the ‘Best Principal’ Trophy and Cash Prizes
    • Teachers will be eligible for ‘Best Teacher’ Trophy and Cash Prizes