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  • Stand By Me

A Saevus initiative towards spreading awareness about our Endangered species


India is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world but sadly, some of its iconic species are now on the verge of extinction. Irresponsible human activities is largely responsible towards hastening this end. It is important to understand that humans can survive only as a part of the ecosystem and every species has a role to play in our survival. Enforcement has never been the best option in such a situation; awareness creation and responsibility is the best way forward in conservation. While we have Governmental organizations and NGOs making their efforts, as a responsible media organization, we wish to lend our hand towards saving these beautiful creatures.


With the launch of our new initiative Stand By Me, we want the children to join us and take ownership of these threatened species. We urge them to become the voice of these creatures who cannot speak for themselves. We solicit the support of their educators to give the gift of life to these endangered animals. Joining the initiative will require no financial involvement from the schools and the only requirement will be by the way of time devoted by the teachers and students. The amount of time spent and activities to be taken up is to be completely at the discretion of the school with no stipulated minimum or maximum hours. Every minute dedicated to these individuals will stand to make a difference!

The details of the programme are as below:


We have chosen ten Endangered species from the IUCN Red List which are on the verge of extinction. Here is the list of species to choose from:
a. Forest Owlet

b. Great Indian Bustard

c. Bengal Florican

d. Red Panda

e. Hoolock Gibbon

f. Snow Leopard

g. Blue Whale

h. Ganges River Dolphin

i. Indian Gharial

j. Indian Pangolin


2) Each school which wishes to join the initiative has to choose one animal from the list. Once chosen, the animal gets integrated into the school’s curriculum and/or activities for the academic year.

3) 3. During this period the school has to set up its own plans for spreading awareness and creating engagement around the species chosen. Some suggested ideas are:

Making badges for students
Having the animal’s photo as part of the school I.D card
Sharing information and taking a pledge to save the animal during school assemblies
Performing a small skit dedicated to the animal during the school concert
Creating posters to be put up in libraries, corridors, parent-teacher meetings and inter-school events hosted by the school
Having the school nature club to take up related projects/activities
Organizing competitions themed around the animal
Spreading the message in local community events
Organize fundraisers during school meets and donate the collections to an NGO working to save the species

4) Saevus will support the school with information, updates and know-how on the species throughout the year through posters, direct mailers to schools and posts on our social media page, website and/or YouTube channel.

5) In case of a fundraising activity being organized by a school, Saevus will help you to connect with an NGO working on the chosen species.
To register send an email to or call Ankita/ Priyanka at 02240660100

6) Saevus will also provide platforms/forums for student representatives from schools to speak whenever exemplary work is done by schools.

7) Saevus will provide coverage on its website, social media and magazine showcasing the work done by schools.

8) At the end of the project, schools will be required to submit their work in a Scrap Book.Scrapbooks will be exhibited during the Olympiad finale event.

9) All schools taking part in this initiative will be given a recognition from SAEVUS and the schools doing outstanding work will be felicitated during our national event in Mumbai.