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    What is the Eco-Achievers Olympiad?
    The Eco-Achievers Olympiad is a pan-India Olympiad brought to you by Saevus to create awareness and knowledge about nature and environment. Participation in this Olympiad not only brings in many awards and prizes for the students, schools, teachers and principals but also recognizes the school as a Green institution. 

    Why should I take this test/What is special about the Olympiad?
    The Eco-Achievers Olympiad gives you the opportunity to become aware of nature and the environment. It is a test that doesn't really encourage rote learning as it emphasizes on the logical application of a knowledge base. 

    So there are two reasons why it is different from the other Olympiads. Usually most Olympiads are only for competitive exams so it is only the toppers who participate. But here as we are talking of nature and the world we live in, anyone who loves nature can participate. Secondly this one is not about marks and ranks alone. It is about lessons to be learnt in life…it is something that will make every child in your school a responsible citizen tomorrow. 

    What are the eligibility criteria to participate in the Olympiad? 
    To be able to register, your school must be an English or Hindi medium school affiliated to CBSE, ICSE, IB or any state board. Once the school has registered, it will enroll you. You have to be a student of Class III – X of a registered school to participate. 

    I am from a Hindi medium school. Can I also participate in the Eco-Achievers Olympiad?
    Yes you can! The Eco-Achievers Olympiad is open to schools of both English and Hindi medium.

    How can my school register?
    Schools interested in participating may register online at or send an e-mail to or contact 022- 049742301 to receive their registration forms. Once successfully registered, the school can send us the names of the students interested, and we will enroll them.

    Can I register as an individual? 
    Unfortunately, individual registrations will not be processed. Only students from registered schools can enroll via their school. Contact your school Principal/Teacher to register your school for the Olympiad. 

    The date of the Olympiad does not suit us.
    To make things easy for schools, we have three dates for the Olympiad so that the school can choose the one that is most convenient to them. The dates are:

    What is the format of the Olympiad?
    Total marks for the examination: 70
    Total time duration for the examination: 1 hour and 30 minutes

    Breakup of questions:
    - Duration: 1 hour
    - 44 MCQ QUESTIONS: Each question bears 1 mark each, there are 6 Leaf marked questions which bear 2 marks each.
    - Total marks for SECTION I is 50

    - Duration: 30 minutes
    - Picture Composition
    - Total marks for SECTION II is 20

    The questions will fall under six categories:
    1. Flora
    2. Fauna
    3. Terra
    4. Aqua
    5. Mental Aptitude
    6. General Awareness

    Do all questions have the same weightage? 
    No, there will be a combination of one mark and two mark questions. The same will be clearly indicated in the question paper by the use of a "leaf" symbol. Questions with a leaf symbol will carry two marks. 

    Is there any recommended reading to prepare for the exam? 
    You can purchase the Olympiad reference booklets specially designed by us for the examination. 

    How do I get the Reference booklets?
    Students wishing to purchase the reference material may do so through school and the same may also be bought from Eco Achievers Olympiad website, Amazon or Flipkart.The reference books will be shipped to the respective schools within 4 weeks of ordering via registered post In case of delayed ordering extra charges will be required to be paid for speed post/courier.

    Where should the completed registration forms be sent, if not filled on the website? 
    You could send them to, or via post to:
    Saevus Wildlife India LLP. 283, Powai Plaza,
    2nd Floor, Hiranandani Gardens,
    Powai, Mumbai - 400076

    What are the prizes and awards for the Olympiad? 
    • Participation Certificate for every student.
    • School Level: Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for topper of every standard.
    • Regional level: Prizes for Student Toppers, Teachers and Principals
    • National level: Prizes for Student Toppers, Teachers and Principals
    • National Level Prizes: ○ WINNER - Trophy, certificate and prize worth ₹25,000.
    ○ FIRST RUNNER UP - Trophy, certificate and prize worth ₹15,000.
    ○ SECOND RUNNER UP - Trophy, certificate and prize worth ₹10,000.
    ○ RANKS 4 TO 10 - Trophy, certificate and prize worth ₹1,000.
    ○ RANKS 11 TO 15 - Trophy, certificate and prize worth ₹500.
    ○ RANKS 16 TO 100 - Top 100 Medal and Certificate.
    ○ BEST PRINCIPAL- Plaque and Cash prize of ₹15,000.
    ○ BEST TEACHER- Plaque and Cash prize of ₹10,000.
    ○ Multiple special prizes for Students, Principals and Teachers at National Level.
    Are there any special offers?
    Yes,every child participating in the Olympiad gets a free 1 year subscription of saevus digital magazine.